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The causes of wrinkle formation


Причины появления морщин


The causes of wrinkling always occur in a complex with other problems. In addition, they appear gradually and it’s hard to define the true source of the problem. The main reasons are age-related changes in the body, addictions, environment and your diseases reflect on the face. But don’t give up in the struggle against wrinkles you can always find the right method.

To prolong perfect condition of the skin on your face you must don’t forget about of the main reasons for the wrinkle formation and try to avoid it in your life. So make a short list of the main enemies of the beauty and learn to deal with them.

Age signs 

The first wrinkles usually appear on the forehead and need to get rid of them. It is even at 10-11 years of age may occur. The causes of these changes are an excessive facial expression or a genetic predisposition. The vertical wrinkle is a result of some brown study, and the horizontal wrinkle is caused by emotionalism of the child. If you remove such causes of wrinkling from the child behavior, a young body can smooth wrinkles without a trace.

The next serious step is adolescence. Eye wrinkles appear at the age of fifteen years. Such formation of wrinkles under the eyes is a cause of active articulation or laughter. It’s difficult for teens to control themselves, so it’s necessary to put the rules of conduct in early childhood.

Dimpled cheeks can be a reason on wrinkling on your skin at the age of 25 or later. If this skin area is naturally thin, it begins to lose collagen. With age, these wrinkles expand and go down to the chin if you don’t use hydrating or nourishing creams in time. 

In the age of 30, you should pay attention to another face area. A Nasolabial area needs some nourish otherwise you risk getting «marionette lines». Frequent relaxing of muscles of jaws is also useful for preventing of these wrinkles 

Forehead wrinkles are caused by the activity of your face expressions, chronic diseases, and age-related changes of skin tonicity in the age of 40. So we should care for forehead skin area beginning from 35 years. 


Detrimental effect

Among of other factors affecting on firm decreasing, we can differ five main groups:  

Facial expression. Any emotion is reflected on your face is the next step to another wrinkle. Reasons of deep wrinkle on the forehead are the habit of knitting or lifting your eyebrows.      Other emotions can lead to the appearance the fold lines under the eye or on the chin.

environmental conditions. They have a profound effect on the skin. A long stay on the strong dry wind deprives cells’ necessary moisture, and they lose their tone quickly. Temperature fluctuations are also  a serious reason for the appearance of skin defects. High humidity or smoke-filled room affects adversely the condition of your face.

Сonsequences. Most of the serious illnesses leave a mark on your body. Endocrine disorders or GIT may lead to the formation of eye bags and other skin defects. The general weakening of the body due to infectious diseases precipitates to premature aging of the skin and wrinkling.

Too much cosmetics. Redundant applying of decorative make-up as like powders, creams, and other products that only camouflage your flaws. It just excessively dries the forehead, the cheeks, and other facial parts. And without moisture, they begin to shrink and shrivel.

inadequate sleep. High pillows are one of the reasons of skin creasing at the bottom of the face. After a few hours, the bend area perspires, which disrupts the metabolism in the cells, which are located in the depth of wrinkles.

Struggle for beauty

To prolong your life without wrinkles on your skin, you need to take care of your health permanently. Daily rub-down with the sea salt solution (half a teaspoon per cup of water) is very helpful. Tannin in the same proportion is better for dry skin. But it is better to use a professional medical cosmetics for quality care.

Our company conducts empirical research to determine the optimal composition of nourishing cream for maintaining of proper skin nutrition. According to their results, which are available for viewing, professional masks and creams that contain natural salt and green tea extracts can be a great addition to your skincare. Good results for the average fat content of the skin showed chamomile and anise.

The cosmetics are special because of its property to eradicate these causes of eye wrinkles. The Dead Sea salts dissolved in lotion together with the whole complex of vitamins easily penetrate directly into the cells of the most vulnerable thin face areas of the skin. It means that the efficiency increased up many times compared to skin areas that have a thick structure.

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