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What is a «large» wrinkle?


boshaya-morshina«Large» forehead wrinkle often worries even young women. It can occur at age 18. The problem is that all actions of brow muscles, jaw and scalp reflect on the forehead area.  That’s why this skin area is overload and loses its tone more quickly, hereupon wrinkling begins.

These «mistakes of Nature» cause a lot of inconvenience to women who look after their beauty. However, don’t worry you can get rid of this fold in spite of its size as well as another deep wrinkles on the face. Because «large» under-eye wrinkles spoil the face, not less. Moreover, they need to eradicate.

Methods of eradication

There are several ways and after its application any wrinkles even on the forehead, under the eyes or on the chin will disappear:

Massage and other exercises help you to restore skin tone, but not change the dynamics and structure of nutrition of the dermis and epidermis cells. It’s good additional resources to maintain skin health.

Botox or Dysport. Only qualified cosmetologist should carry out injection of preparation in the frontal area because one wrong move and your  age-related wrinkle expand and increase the pressure on the frontal muscles become more intensive. However, this method is good only as a temporary wrinkle remover. This problem goes away for a year or two, but it occurs again, tying you to the services of a beauty clinic.

The use of masks and creams. These manipulations you can do at home. The main thing is to consult with a professional doctor preliminarily and determine the list of drugs, after which your skin will really get rid of wrinkles.

Treating massage

How to make massage of the scalp that removes more wrinkles under the eyes and on the other conspicuous face areas? The main task of the exercises is normalization of nutrients supply of the skin tissue of the face. After these procedures, you can feel a slight tingling or local increasing of skin temperature. To remove large and deep folds, or just decries it into the category of small, you need do daily exercise for about three weeks.

This basic exercise decreases many frontal wrinkles decrease gradually. Open your eyes as wide as possible and try to lift raise eyebrows as high as possible. Repeat it constantly trying to lift your eyebrows to the maximum. Such actions stimulate your blood vessels coming from the bottom up to the forehead.


Preparations for injection

On the average, the maximum effect lasts about four or five months, and then the skin grows flabby again. So don’t be surprised when the wrinkles will appear again on your forehead in six months after Dysport injection.  It happens because of interaction between the drug and your organism. Neurotoxin of botulism is an active element of the preparations Dysport or Botox that is excreted from the body because it is inherently poison.

Natural solutions

Creams, masks, and other mixtures based on natural chemical compounds and plant extracts occupy the most popular niche of preparation for youth retention of your body.

Our company carries out constant research on the effectiveness of cosmetics. Details of tests’ results are available for viewing. Preparations based on ingredients of peptides, retinol, antioxidants and sea salt show the best results, which help you to smooth large crease on forehead and eye wrinkles and to increase collagen to an optimal level in your cells and make your skin elastic.  

After applying cosmetics, including Dead Sea salts, any wrinkle is reduced in volume and depth of 90-95%, and as often as not entirely disappears. The effect is retained to six months. Such preparations are an excellent alternative to any other methods of beauty care.

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