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Wrinkles and their prevention


профилактика морщин на лбу

Preventing of wrinkles is a complex of methods, which were oriented at prevention of the causes of wrinkling, as well as neutralizing of the already evidenced skin changes. It includes diet, medical and cosmetic products, and other methods.

If you want to know how these actions can help with wrinkle forming prevention on the face, at first, you need to understand the reason for their appearance — there are two main reasons that are long changes  of the cells tone, which occurs because of muscle activity and aging processes that influences on damaging effect of collagen fibers (that responsible  for the elasticity of the tissues). If you need to live without wrinkles as long as possible, try to support these processes in an optimal way.

Bad habits

You must reject from your habits to retain the skin cells elasticity and prevent the occurrence of skin folds on the forehead and around the eyes.  Effective preventive measures of face wrinkles begin with rejection of the following habits:

  • Smoking — hinders the delivery of oxygen through the body and the thin vessels that supply the epidermis (gentle areas around the eyes suffer at first).
  • Alcohol – spirit practically «burns» the water from the body and deprives cells of needed moisture. Cells shrink and wrinkle formation occur more quickly and easily. In such cases, prevention is very difficult. Prevention is very difficult for such kind of situation.
  • Stress and excessive emotionality. The skin on the forehead and face area has its own lifetime. The excessive facial expression considerably reduces the safety factor of each cell in the body, and by 23-25 years, you get first wrinkles.
  • Walking under the Sun. Ultraviolet radiation negatively affects both the collagen of tissues and evaporate  the essential moisture of cells. If you spend time on the beach, so take care of your skin and use sun-protection cream to prevent wrinkles.      
  • Wrong diet. It deprives the skin of essential vitamins and stretches the skin with obesity. Prevention includes the vitamins and balanced nutrition.


The best preventive measures of all kinds of wrinkles effect if you use it constantly. Begin to care for your skin at the defined time, when you go to bed. If you make your schedule of a rhythm of life activity then you will notice that you go to bed at 11 pm in 2-3 weeks and in the morning the skin around the eye, even upon a closer view, will be much more elastic and fresher as compared with unregulated sleep. If you use such prevention measures, your psychic will get accustomed to relaxing before bedtime. This reduces the number of nerve impulse of facial muscles of all skin areas, both on your forehead and on the Chin.

The use of daily masks is healthy. Prevention of the face wrinkle formation includes ingredients with the content of hyaluronic acid, elastin, collagen, peptides in composition masks. These substances renewal the internal cells structure of the epidermis, restoring its former elasticity in all areas of the application, including forehead.

Use protective cream around the eyes in the daytime. It will help to prevent the destruction of vitamins on thin areas of the epidermis. Problem areas of skin need supplying with the necessary chemical compound. High-quality wrinkle-preventing cream is consists of the most of the essential elements-sea salts, vitamins, and residues of amino acid.

Medical preparations

 Now, prolongation of youth is one of the priority directions for development of the cosmetic industry. From year to year, the risk of stress increases in the city, the useful of food etc. A quality product that will prevent the formation of the first wrinkles will make any woman happy.

The main problem is that you need to find out what kind of ingredients have a good effect for all types of skin and have minimal risks to customers. For the three years, our company carried out researches for the selection of the universal components for everyday use cosmetics.  Research results you can view on the Internet. Results show that the simple chemical compounds (sea salt and some vitamins) better absorbed by the cells of the dermis and integrate into the process of ion exchange, which supply the cells with energy and nutrients.

Drugs based on salts and mud of the Dead Sea prevents the expression wrinkles.  Their chemical composition supports tissue tone and regenerates the natural elasticity of cell walls, allowing you to feel you again as twenty years old woman for a few days.

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