Israel – is a country, leading in producing of premium class anti-aging cosmetics. Avivie – is an Israeli company, which developed a unique mineral base, uniting the best specialists. The company offered a new and unique approach to the cosmetics production. Nowadays every woman can feel care of the Israeli experts. We do not expand thoughtless our range of products. A lot doesn’t mean good. We unite specialists who have devoted their lives to prolong youth and help preserve beauty.


What do we mean when talking about the exclusiveness of the ingredients of Avivie cosmetics? Avivie anti-ageing cream is based on unique formulas that have no analogs. The formulas and components are developed directly in the Avivie Company’s laboratories, so pharmaceutical companies have no access to them. Avivie achievements are efforts of the whole team, consisting of international scientists who have committed their time to the study of methods of the female youth revival and beauty preservation.
Thanks to their work, Avivie uses intelligent formulas of its products based on high-quality ingredients of high purification. Each ingredient is processed in such a way that when combined with other components it has a maximum effective action on the problem areas. It is not only the number and the uniqueness of the ingredients are important, but also their interaction with each other in the complex. You can learn more about the properties of the exclusive ingredients


Avivie Company was founded in 1998 in Israel. For long, it supplied raw materials for cosmetics to leading brands. The Company also united in its laboratories leading specialists in the field of creation means of invigorating health and prolonging youth of skin. Researching of the Dead Sea components led to the creation of their own unique products for facial rejuvenation. Every day, our scientists and specialists work to have the honor to take care of your skin and become a part of your appearance.