Avivie Company is a leading manufacturer of premium cosmetics. We love our work and are proud of our goods. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality, you can return or exchange it in accordance with our exchange and return policy.


Our company guarantees a 30-day refund period for all our partners and retail customers.
If you notice the defect or identify any faulty Avivie pruduct, remember to keep the original packaging and the invoice. To avoid disputes, we recommend you to keep the packaging and the documents to prove the purchase during the whole warranty period.
In case you notice a defect, Avivie guarantees a full refund (but for the cost of delivery) of any cosmetic product within 30 days.
Please notice that in case of purchasing a product not directly from Avivie, and through a partner, we recommend you to contact directly the distributer of the products if you need the refund. Our partner can replace the product as well.
All partners of Avivie company keep to Avivie exchange and return policy of goods. If you think that our partner has broken the rules, report it using our contact form.
In order to facilitate the process of returning, retail customer or partner must contact Avivie to coordinate the procedure of goods refund.
Goods should be returned according to the procedure, otherwise one may get a refund refusal.
For further information or assistance in processing of the refund, please contact the partner from whom you purchased the product or directly to Avivie consultant.


Avivie Company is a registered trademark with high service standards and communications protocols. In order to implement good service Avivie may enter into partnership agreements with third parties which share our goals, ambition and values.
Any user of our site or a retail buyer, if wants, can become a partner of our company. For this purpose it is enough to register as a partner, enter your personal online account and get an exclusive offer from Avivie. The offer is a public offer. If you do not agree with the terms, you can not cooperate with the company.
Please read carefully the terms of the warranty, return and exchange of the goods. Do not forget that the return and exchange conditions for seasonal and promotional goods may differ from the common ones and specified separately for each category of the products.


If the product was purchased directly from Avivie, please contact our consultants for its refund. You will need to return the product and the original invoice.
Give notice to our consultant about the defects you have identified and the state of the product for the time being. Perhaps our consultant will ask you to send a photo of the defect, if it is possible.
Remember that this is done for you to get the cost of the item in a short a time as possible.
Packaging the goods for the refund, be sure you specify the number of the application registered for the refund given by a consultant. Remember that without that number the company will not be able to provide you with the necessary refunding.
If you want to cancel your order cancel it in your online account. Cancellation form must be filled in within 3 days from the time when you ordered from us, otherwise the order should be paid.
For further information on this subject please contact our consultants.