Avivie Company opens its doors for cooperation and invites specialists from different fields. We need people who can contribute to the company’s development.


Avivie team is looking for sociable and competent people who could provide feedback with Avivie customers and partners.

Responsibilities include:

  • Communicate with customers;
  • Provide relevant information upon request;
  • Get in touch at any time of the day;
  • Have computer skills in Avivie company system.


We need people with writing skills for landing pages and informative articles for blogs, brochures, mailings and websites.

Responsibilities include:

  • writing of unique and interesting articles.


Appropriate and effective advertising campaign is necessary for the world-wide fame of Avivie cosmetics We need progressive experts in SEO, SMM and SMO promotion.


  • Website optimization and work performance to place it in the leading positions upon popular requests in search systems;
  • Site promotion in popular social networks using the content;
  • External site optimization. Work in blogs, forums and other web sites.

We welcome other professionals as well who can help us in expanding the boundaries: designers, marketing experts, sales specialists.

Nothing matters but, be sure to let us know of your existence by contacting us.
In order to maintain sustainable growth, we need representatives from all over the world. Especially we appreciate partners with fresh and progressive ideas!