The Science

The scientific approach to the creation of AVIVIE COSMETICS

Avivie Cosmetic Laboratories are progressive technologies, precise scientific approach and also regular work of Israeli experts at improvement of properties of each cosmetic product.

In Avivie laboratory they conduct continuous developments of innovative medicinal products which intensify skin regeneration, return it its life force, tone and energy. Regular use of Avivie Cosmetic Laboratories products promotes:

  • stimulation of synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid in facial skin;
  • restoration of metabolism in the skin changed by age processes by means of correct synthesis of peptides;
  • activization of stem cells and their active protection;
  • restoration of cells potential and also internal hormone balance of skin and its preservation;
  • deep-cleansing and lightening of skin;
  • powerful regeneration;
  • making even complexion and face contour;
  • active enrichment of skin with valuable lipids, micro-elements and vitamins;
  • active skin moisturizing and nourishment taking into account different skin types;
  • preservation of skin tonicity by means of intensive lifting that allows to prevent age changes.

Regular use of Avivie Cosmetic Laboratories cosmetics guarantees fast and noticeable effect.


Avivie products are unique and exclusive. We use own raw materials created by the experts in Avivie laboratory. The developed formulae are a unique and valuable material from the point of view of pharmaceuticals industry. Apart from the secret formulae and components, Avivie products include natural oils. Long-term researches have made it possible to distinguish the most effective ones from all the existing substances. Their proper use and a combination in Avivie creams give visible result after the first month of use of the BMS program.

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