Avivie Company is intended for development and extension of its borders. In laboratories, they produce unique cosmetic products that are suitable both for home use and professional day spa.

We are interested in long-term cooperation with day spa and ready to do everything possible to ensure that our partners and customers receive products of high-quality in proper time.

Avivie cosmetics will help to propel your business to the next level. Based on salts and muds from the Dead Sea cosmetic products provide real visible results after first applications. Facial procedures based on Avivie cosmetics will attract the attention of new customers and become the most favorite among regular customers of day spas.

If you are an owner or a representative of a day spa already functioning or if you are just planning to set up one and you would like to learn more about the terms of the partnership, please fill the contact form or dial the telephone number listed on the page.


A lot of women who visits a day spa don’t know what «spa» means. But everyone knows for sure that spa treatments — it’s friendly, useful and, most importantly for many fashionable.

In fact, Spa is a resort town in Belgium, famous for its therapeutic waters. And since all spa procedures include necessarily water using, they have got their name in honor of the resort.

Water and other related cosmetics products, used for the treatments should include a maximum of useful trace elements. If the procedure does not give any result, clients will not attend the day spa.

Avivie Cosmetics based on muds and salts from the Dead Sea, turns a standard spa treatment into a real pleasure which, moreover, gives visible results.

Salts and muds from the Dead Sea are a natural treasure which Avivie Company’s specialists want to share with.

There is an incredibly large amount of useful elements in the mud extracted from the bottom of the Dead Sea: bentonite, bromide and potassium salts, particles of quartz of mica, iron, kaolin, magnesium compounds, cobalt salts and many others. There are also gaseous bodies such as hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, and others.

The mud is particularly valuable for having in its composition sulfate and bromide compounds, which human blood and lymph contain as well. Once in the body, these substances saturate the blood with essential trace elements.

There are many sources of mud in the world, but the mud from the Dead Sea has a leading position in the list of the most healing.

As for the salt, this natural resource also can include a rich composition, namely 26 minerals and trace elements.


Avivie Company is interested in long-term cooperation and is ready to sell cosmetics at reasonable prices all over the world. If you want to start a day spa with our brand name or take the cosmetics of our brand, we are ready for a partnership and we will do our best to create favorable conditions for cooperation. It is hard to start a day spa at ground zero, but we can achieve success by joint efforts.

Our Company is interested in having a good reputation and proving that we produce quality products which have a good effect on problem areas.