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What can we read on every jar of cream?
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Often, customers of cosmetics ignore even instructions, so what can we talk about abbreviation and signs on the products. However, you should pay attention to this information because sometimes it contains useful information and this knowledge helps you to make a choice among a large assortment of shops and to find natural means with the […]

Bio molecular system from Avivie Laboratories
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Today, advertisement regularly offers us just another wonder-working means, and it’s time to think, why even the best cream cannot give your skin a desired perfection? The key to this question lies in our body.

An endless supply of a biomolecular system
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The biomolecular system of Avivie includes total care for skin, and nutritional supplement of the vibrant and high purity plant raw material.  A concentration of bioactive substance and minerals in cosmetics contribute to regeneration and nutrition on a cellular level. 

Promotion of Instagram Account
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As in any field of the Internet, you need to know your customer and target audience we talked in the last lesson, otherwise without this knowledge; we cannot offer them the right product.

Instagram: how to begin making Money
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Instagram is the fast-growing network of the Internet, designed for sharing, spreading, and editing photos in a format similar to cameras of Kodak and Polaroid. After only two months after its launch, Instagram’s community of users was already one million