About us

Avivie Cosmetic Laboratories company was founded in 1998 in Israel. Thanks to the hard work of the best minds of the country in the field of pharmacy there were created unique formulae based on valuable minerals from the Dead sea.

In the beginning the company was engaged in the raw material production and supply for major cosmetic corporations. A real breakthrough in the development of Avivie Cosmetic Laboratories came in 2012. There was created a series of products, which make up modern Nano cosmetics.

The impetus that allowed the company to reach a new level, has become a unique discovery of the properties of active biological substances called liposomes. Liposomes and peptides can easily penetrate into the deepest layers, delivering every cell of the skin biologically active substances and the healing properties of the Dead sea minerals.

Its name of Avivie company got not accidentally, אביבי (AVIVIE) is translated as “in spring” or “spring season”. In this wonderful time of the year all life on earth is filled with force and vital energy.

All developments of Avivie Cosmetic Laboratories deal with the problem of skin ageing. Avivie products fight the main causes of ageing, making the skin firm and radiant.

Due to a perfect combination of effective and natural ingredients Avivie has had a chance to give the youth and beauty to the fair sex lately.

Until quite recently a unique innovative line of luxury cosmetics was only available in professional beauty salons. In 2014 we faced a new chapter with an output of cosmetics for the consumer market.

  • Sigal FrishmanProfessor, R&D in skin regeneration

    Sigal Frishman is a leading specialist of Avivie laboratory. She joined Avivie in 2005. Sigal Frishman has made a huge contribution to the creation of a series of modern products, which make up nano-cosmetics. Based on the research of the Professor we developed a unique formula of anti age cream for face and eyes.

    «The result of our work is the real improvement and rejuvenation but not masking defects».
  • Hadar Amar Leading Israeli cosmetologist

    Hadar Amar is a professional in the field of cosmetology. She has devoted her life to the study of aesthetic problems of the skin and the development of methods of their solution. Hadar Amar joined Avivie team in 2010 and participated in the development of those products that led the company to a new level.

    «It is my privilege to work in a team of specialists whose main aim is to create a quality product and see the result».
  • Albert AragonesCEO Avivie

    Albert is the creator and inspirer of Avivie company. Three degrees of high schools, ambition and love for his work have allowed Albert to build a successful company whose main goal is to create quality cosmetics that gives visible results within a short time. The Head of the company used to be directly involved in all work processes, caring about the reputation of Avivie Cosmetic Laboratories.

    «The first and basic rule is that we don’t produce or sell anything that will disappoint our customers».