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This unique salt lake is a real source of minerals and micro- elements. Natural disasters have led to the formation of the Dead Sea, but for mankind this sea has become a real source of materials and discoveries. Especially as a health resort and a donor of unique therapeutic chemical compounds.

Ever since the ancient world we have had legends and stories about the healing properties of this unique natural reservoir. Romans were the first who tried therapeutic muds in medicine and opened their benefits, and even Cleopatra took care of her skin using the gifts of this very unique place. She used lot peculiarities of its salts, water and therapeutic muds.

The Dead Sea has a unique composition — salt content of 45%, which is ten times more than any other natural reservoir, 5% of the biomass (mainly protozoa, algae and fungi), and 50% of water. High salinity protects against solar radiation better than any SPF-filter. Along with a unique location (400 meters below sea level) the water of the Dead Sea protects the skin and allows travelers to carry out the most effective treatments.

High concentration of salinity in water is a result of permanent evaporation. Due to the hot climate and lack of large confluents (the Jordan alone is unable to cope fully with the filling of the reservoir), the water of the Dead Sea has a high evaporation rate. Because of the high concentration in water, salt and micro-elements are absorbed by sediments in much larger quantities. The result of this unique process is peloids – therapeutic salts and muds.

The team of Avivie scientists has dedicated decades to the research of these unique salts and muds. Although for each of us these are just general terms, scientists identify thousands of different compounds, each of which is unique and facilitates rejuvenation. Beauticians and pharmacists all over the world have already recognized the uniqueness of their composition. They once and for all delivered verdict of the absence of any analogues in the world.

Avivie pharmacists have taken the best from nature, creating a unique formula designed to fight premature ageing. Dead Sea gifts combined with natural oils, vitamins and fruit acids are an anti-aging cocktail, which will affect every cell in the skin and charge it with the energy needed for the process of regeneration and renewal.

At present, our company contributes with some revenues of cosmetic products sale to the Dead Sea ecosystem restoration. Because of the activities of the major chemical companies, melioration, intense water evaporation, the sea is shallowing. In order to prevent its complete dry up and the loss of a source of materials with unique properties as well, it is necessary to carry out a set of procedures, which cost reaches up to dozens of billions of dollars. Thus contributing we also take care about the future of our customers. Avivie company doesn’t strive for increasing the volume of cosmetics produced, because a lot – does not equal to good. We wish every woman could have a chance to stay young and beautiful many years. And not just today but through the decades. For more information about the gifts of the Dead Sea, which Avivie has turned into a unique skin care products choose the section «Salts and Therapeutic Muds».


Dead Sea Salts are of great interest for Cosmeticians and doctors. They miraculously heal wounds, rejuvenate skin and are used in general recovery of the body, for example — in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract and skin. In terms of figures, approximately every liter of water accounts for about 300-400 grams of salt. Of course, there can not live animals and fish, with the exception of only a few bacteria and fungi. Another interesting fact is that in the salt dead waters you almost cannot sink. Therefore, a trip to Israel — is not only a chance to improve your health, but also to learn how to swim.


Pure Mineral Dead Sea salt has a distinct strong healing effect on human body. The salt from the Dead Sea is particularly useful for your face. The main benefits of its application:

  • improves blood circulation;
  • has healing effect;
  • softens the skin;
  • contributes to skin structure renewal at the cellular level;
  • nourishes and purifies the epidermis and dermis;
  • gives the skin elasticity, vibrancy and radiancy;
  • has distinct antibacterial properties;
  • reduces the acne areas, and if used regular completely removes them.

All this suggests that the natural Dead Sea salt has anti-aging and rejuvenating effects.

Such a variety of useful medical properties is due to the unique composition of the Dead Sea salt. It is composed of 25 most important human minerals and micro-elements. The uniqueness of the salt is that magnesium chloride takes the first place according to the amount of substance here — 50%. Typically, it is sodium chloride – common cooking salt. But the Dead Sea water contains only 20% of it instead of standard sea water which contains 90%. The third place according to the amount of substance takes calcium chloride number with 14%. The last of the four basic salts is potassium chloride with 4%.

All these elements both in the form of salts, and in pure chemical state perform important functions in the cellular metabolism and are necessary for the body to maintain the normal functioning level. The Dead Sea also contains in small amounts bromine, which has a great calming effect on the body.


In cosmetics, the Dead Sea salt is very much appreciated, as the content of various beneficial compounds and micro elements in it provides excellent treatment outcomes. Leading manufacturer of cosmetics with Dead Sea salts is Israel. That is quite natural. That is why cosmetics produced in this country is widely appreciated and widely regarded to be the most effective. Useful components are used in such procedures, and cosmetic product:

  • salt rub;
  • compresses;
  • various wrappings;
  • in peeling procedure;
  • in rejuvenating baths;
  • in cream formulae.

The Dead Sea salt was included as a compound into Avivie cosmetics. The above properties make the salt a critical component of creams of BMS program. In conjunction with other components of cosmetics the salt has an effective impact on the skin of face and eyelids. The salt cleans epithelium from old cells, to give way to peptides and other ingredients.

The salt and minerals from the Dead Sea are valuable components, which have no analogues. They are impossible to recreate in the laboratory.


The muds of the Dead Sea have a great value as well. Beauticians and pharmacists around the world have recognized the uniqueness of their structure, once and for all delivering the verdict about the absence of any analogues in the world.

These therapeutic muds contain salts of magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, bromine, cobalt and sodium. They have also a significant concentration of minerals — quartz, bentonite, kaolin, feldspar, and many others.

None of the product created chemically can boast such a variety of useful items!

Due to the special fine structure of the mud, all its minerals fall into deep layers of skin, actively influencing damaged cells. This causes a stimulation of blood circulation, improves nutrition of tissues. In addition, the mud has a peeling effect. When you sponge off the peloid (the so-called mud) from the face the dead skin cells peel off together.

Due to the variety of properties the Dead Sea gifts are so valued among pharmaceutical companies. But not all manufacturers using therapeutic mud or salts from the Dead Sea for cosmetic products production (creams, masks, peels), are able to maintain their properties. At the final stage of their manufacture you can only find a small fraction of valuable substances in the cream.

Avivie Pharmacists have the necessary knowledge and modern technologies, which not only save each item, but also enhance their effect.

Cream with salt and mud from the Dead Sea is one of the most common cosmetic products with healing properties. There are creams on the basis of mineral salts for face, hands, feet, and such «light» versions as body lotions. In addition, marine mineral salt is a part of many serums, masks, scrubs and tonics. We have also hair cosmetics having components of mineral salts from the Dead Sea in its composition — shampoos, conditioners, masks, hair conditioner.

Basically, all these products have anti-aging effects, but the softening and nourishing effect of mineral salts can be used more widely. For example, body lotion with Dead Sea minerals can help pregnant women to reduce or even prevent stretch marks in the abdomen, chest and hips.

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