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The biomolecular system of Avivie includes total care for skin, and nutritional supplement of the vibrant and high purity plant raw material.  A concentration of bioactive substance and minerals in cosmetics contribute to regeneration and nutrition on a cellular level. 

Due to the ability of some elements to stimulate the necessary processes of the body recovery, and having the beneficial effect on the life processes, the number of clients and partners grows exponentially.  Today, the Avivie BMS products can be justly considered organic, products that normalize the Biorhythms of the body and revive the innate potential of each cell.  You ask, what is the reason of such a success? An international team from Japan and Israel has united the results of Nobel Laureates into their elaboration. A common language for the communication of between scientists was the wish to create innovative means of skin care and nutrients to keep immunity, metabolism and brain activity. 

We all know from lessons of biology that the genetic data of human body is the template DNA. Genetic data can carry not only data about skin color and height of the person but also information about when he will grow old. Due to latest scientific discoveries, the scientists said that oldness is just a disease and they can heal it. Scientific studies based on molecular modeling included the methods of studying capacities of protein in every living organism for the opening of the hidden gene youth in every human. Nano-complex (called due to micro-size) of each cell is composed of fine particles including 6 nm lipids and peptides of 2 nm. Precisely their functional part we will analyze in this article. Scientists and beauticians interested in peptides equally because they can transmit information between cells, by reaction of the immune and endocrine systems. Due to peptides, there is an exchange of information between cells, thereby producing a synthesis of new protein molecules — the regeneration.   Each human organ has the own group and type of peptides. The most common types used by pharmacists of Avivie Company we will discuss later, but for now a little lesson of Biology.  


Lipids are a group of organic compounds that includes lipoids, alcohols, and high molecular weight acids. The cell energy potential is defined by the level of lipids. It implements structural-functional part, being a major component of cell membranes. The feature of lipids is the protective property, fat in this case for the health-insulation of the body. Need to mark that the lipids are a source of the water of combustion.

Let us now return to peptides consisting of residues of two or more amino acids linked together in a chain by amide bonds. They are products of metabolism.  Сhain consists of two to twenty amino acids called an oligopeptide if 50 or more amino acids — the protein. We have learned to synthesize these proteins in the laboratory from plants, animals, and humans. A feature of the peptides is that — in the human body they help cells work correctly and restore the lack of protein.  If the body does not function properly, or in old age significantly reduces the amount of protein synthesis — it leads to the deterioration of the body and visible defects of organs.  The first of symptoms occur on the skin. To restore the missing amount of protein in the body, scientists suggested adding the nutrients like peptides and dipeptides in cosmetics and dietary supplements. Fast and natural absorption by the body provides regenerative properties. It significantly rejuvenates and restores the skin and the organism as a whole. Fast and natural absorption by the body provides regenerative properties. It significantly rejuvenates and restores the skin and the organism as a whole. It is the only powerful ingredient getting into the deepest layers of the skin, notwithstanding the constant disagreements of cosmetologists, who are so accustomed to Botox injections and others fast acting procedures. 

You should note that unlike injections of the Beauty, giving immediate effect, peptide-based cosmetics shows the results after a few months of application. However, our products have a function of accumulating. For more rapid restoration of protein in the body, we recommended the contemporaneous use of cosmetics and nutritional supplements. It means that you keep your skin young and healthy for a long time!

Youth genes or molecule of life 

Why did we call peptides like that? At first, let we divide their types to understand what borders we can open to us — Avivie scientists. Managed by the scientific research, we discovered that there is the special type of peptide for each type of tissue.

There are regulatory peptides among the most important peptides in a human body. In 1930, American scientist-physiologist proposed the terminology «homeostasis» that characterizes the life processes of the whole organism. It means that the regulatory peptides serve for regulation and toning of your body. Nowadays, experts consider that the most important regulatory peptides are low-molecular oligopeptides, which molecule consists of not more than four amino acids. Their significance is — they do not stimulate the generation of antibodies, so they are harmless to the health and fit for the production of pharmaceuticals. In the following article, you will learn about new types of peptides that are used by pharmacists Avivie.