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Instagram: how to begin making Money


instagram-300x192Instagram is the fast-growing network of the Internet, designed for sharing, spreading, and editing photos in a format similar to cameras of Kodak and Polaroid. After only two months after its launch, Instagram’s community of users was already one million. On 6 September 2013, the company has announced 150 million subscribers. 

Now, this social network is the best resource for distribution of tangible goods and products of the beauty industry. Recently, network’s creators gave an opportunity to upload 15 seconds videos.  

We choose this social network as an example to show you how to make their first sale without investments. Nevertheless, you have to spend the time to learn.

Create your Instagram account

You should use your smartphone or tablet to create an account. There are many sites and programs, which allow you to work with the Instagram via your PC, but it is more convenient to upload your photos from the smartphone.  If you prefer to work via PC, you need to edit your photos for the right size.  You can create an account having an E-mail in 5 minutes.

What do you need to start a Business? How to choose the best sell products?

It is not necessary to sell something of yours. You can gain by Avivie affiliate program, which is suitable to trace each click and sale. You can do this with our recommendations or alone if you have a big target subscribers base.  For a long time, Avivie Company worked on the creation of products that today have a positive and immediate effect. Moreover, Avivie outputs goods that strengthen effect by a constant application. It’s nice when the product speaks for itself, isn’t it?

The most important thing is to focus on the interests and needs of the target audience. Don’t waste time on unpromising clients. Build customer profile to define your target audience. Without understanding client’s interior, you can’t make a fair offer. For this purpose, we prepared a tutorial document. Download it and learn how to make such offer that your clients can’t refuse.

However, before you make this step, ask yourself, «By what means you can see justified results of your advertising strategy»?

Subsequent actions will make a forecast for your marketing budget in Instagram.

Rules for the account:

After we have a clear idea of our offer, you need to create an account attractive for your target audience. 

  1. Login and account name contains 1-2 keywords of search. (You can use Roman letters) It affects on search in Instagram. If you tape it with uppercase letters, it will be visible by searching.
  2. The description should be clear for understand by the target audience and makes them subscribe or make another profitable action.
  3. Account avatar should coincide with the content of your page and stand out against a background of others by searching.
  4. Your description should drive to action: to follow the link or ask questions by Direct or messengers. It is better to have few widespread application such as are WhatsApp, Viber etc.
  5. There is only one active link in the description on your account. Use it to redirect traffic to your website. Encode a UTM-tag into the link to trace traffic via Instagram.

Content editorial calendar

To be not confused in your publications organize them according to criteria: «Date, contents and length of materials.» We advise you to divide your content marketing into three parts, such as

  1. Entertainment — is simple information without sense load. It should please your visitors with jokes, news, and a piece of reporting.
  2. Information — is useful to your subscribers due to tips, advice, and interviews you give, teaching them related to your niche issues, at least marginally.
  3. Sales — is required if you want to earn in Instagram, including photos of goods, customer reviews, instructions driving to action.

If we talk about the ratio of publications, the economic activity rate will vary as the work advances. At first, make this content in such a way: 40% of entertainment, 40% of the information, and 20% of sales. The perfect number of publications is two-three per day. Subject authority is generated, according to the number of posts during the week. You need to conduct a study to choose the issues of your topics. Find popular accounts of your target audience.

You need to find posts with a large number of like and posts are interesting for people and have more comments. Write those posts and topics, because they encourage you to understand partialities of your target audience and helps to make a list of categories for the first two columns. Also, note posts that can make economic sense. It looks like the following list of headings.   

Then classify these headings by date of publication. Build a content grid to know more about any of post. If you have decided to post online two times per day, the afternoon and evening are better periods of a day. Bear in mind that today, Instagram allows two types of content — photos and videos. Use them both. High-quality video works well on you. 


Security of Instagram

It is time to think about account’s security. It can be unpleasant trouble if somebody hacked, eliminated contents, or appropriated your account. Promoted accounts are the main target. Cover these requirements to secure your account.    

  1. Link your account to Facebook.
  2. Use only proofed apps on your account.
  3. Add your phone number and e-mail to account.
  4. Subscribe to your account through accounts of familiar or close people. If someone will change login of your account, you can always find your account in friends’ subscriptions.
  5. Sign up an account by alone.
  6. Make at least one personal photo and upload it with a link on your account page. If your page will be blocked, you can apply to the technical support service in order to confirm that is your account.
  7. Be sure to use a strong password. Don’t tell anyone you account name and password.
  8. Don’t use other automation services simultaneously with your account. Instagram has limitations. Every new IP address connected your account recognized as a new device. System can block your account if too many devices connected at the same time.

Creation of content

After you have a plan, you need to fill your account content. You should make it in advance. Further, we will talk about filling an account with content for the month ahead, and programs can help you. You need to collect interesting photos, videos, prepare the text for publication, and save in folders according to its subjects. 


  1. Photos should be of high quality.
  2. Videos should not be longer 15 seconds.
  3. The text should be for about 200-300 characters.

There are several methods of gathering of content. You can find materials for content within a social network or whole Internet.

Methods of gathering content:

  • Publish content without changes.

Copy/paste from other sources.

  • Rewrite content.
  • Create your content.

Content Search Areas:

  1. Search the thematic content within the social network.
  2. Search the thematic content in other social networks.
  3. Search the thematic content on Worldwide Web.

Rewriting or copywriting of content from other sources is suitable for the first two types of content (entertainment, information). Content for sales is exclusively your text. Great photos, sales text must drive to action or include an idea to increase the Attraction of subscribers. If you don’t know what to write under the photo or video — write a call to action. Push button “like”, write comments, and invite friends to subscribe to your account.

As for hashtags, they are not part of the content. The hashtag is a metadata used in your content for tagging. We will talk about in the next lesson. 

You have already made a list of the target audience direction. Now you need to paste data in a clear table. It will help you to select content. Few evenings needed to prepare a publication for a month ahead. This approach will close the issue of the content and its publication. It is better to prepare content in advance and plan a schedule for publishing than think about the necessity to post in Instagram.

There are different services for the convenience of scheduled publication of content. Simply, it is auto-posting. Features of such tools:

  1. You can connect many social networks at the same time.
  2. You can edit photos in this service.
  3. You can automatically remove the post after some period. (Important for advertising posts)

Two posts per day during 1.5 months are enough to promote your Instagram account and make the first sale.   

Auto-posting services:

Publish your posts according to the content grid to forget about content strategy for some time, and start to promote your account!