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kakimi-sposobami-analizirovat-sajty-i-blogi1-300x192As you acquainted yourself with the information about the model of traffic attraction and ways of its purchase, it is time to know how to analyze resource to consider does it profitable to buy its ads or post a link to your web resource. As there are many sites with poor ratings on the Internet, you can waste your time and money as well as diminish the rating of our site. To avoid this situation, we will give the basic concepts of website competitive analysis.

You can see performance indicator on many websites. These indicators show a rough estimation of the site traffic. You need to pay attention not only on the «Visits» but also on the page depth (number of pages each visitor viewed). These calculations are an average of the number of «Visits» and numbers of opened pages. However, for a more detailed analysis, we also need to know average time spent each visitor on this site. If time is less than one minute, perhaps he didn’t even notice our banner or read review article about Avivie product. To analyze the site we need use two resources.     

The first one is alexa.com. It shows the global rank of the interested website. You just need to copy and paste the website link to the searching field.


You will see the global rank, the average of Pageviews and session time. Sometimes, a valid source is in the lowest position among millions of sites. However, it can get up and becomes interesting for us. We advise you to pay attention to resources, which has world ranking below 500,000


However, this tool can show inaccurate information but also provides limited information in the free version. Consequently, to learn more about the resource we use the site similarweb.com. This tool shows you not only the global rank but also time length. Let we used it. For example — site Facebook.com. It shows total visits for the last six months.


In addition, we can see the average time spent on site, the number of page views, and bounce rate, which is also important.


You should not forget about audience demography — one of the main indicators.

Screenshot_5The next block will show us the source of the traffic, including:

  • Direct — means that people who add a site to favorites are interested this resource.
  • Search — people use search engines to find the site. Probably, new visitors can be our customers. It’s very relevant to us.
  • Social — netizens probably have electronic means of payment and can be potential customers.
  • People who visit us by “mailing list” make enough effort and can be hot customers.


The column about an analysis of the sources of incoming and outgoing site traffic we presented below. Information helps you to know ways of traffic incoming. Use it to choose the potential source of traffic for advertising.  




Then we can see a percentage of keywords divided on all sources.


These are the most frequent questions of users.


What social networks’ links refer visitors to our site? Below, you find similar or competing sites for analysis.


Such rough estimation of the site traffic helps you decide to cooperate and place your ads on this source or not. We wish you success in your growth as an Internet entrepreneur, in the next lesson; you will learn how to estimate Youtube channels.