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Bio molecular system from Avivie Laboratories


Today, advertisement regularly offers us just another wonder-working means, and it’s time to think, why even the best cream cannot give your skin a desired perfection? The key to this question lies in our body. The skin isn’t just a beautiful cover — it is multilayered and complex, so you should act from different perspectives to make it perfect! Avivie experts offer absolute victory over the aging and skin imperfections. Their unique biomolecular system (BMS) is a breakthrough in the care of the skin.

Curing aging — it is possible!

This complex consists of means for skin care and nutritional supplements that affects to our beauty internally. It’s perfectly balanced composition of nutrients and unique peptides. Aging is a disease, let’s find out why.  It’s not a secret that the aging does not begin with wrinkles. They just show the changes in our cells. The skin renews slowly, at the cellular level. The immune system weakens, blood vessels become thinner, the amount of moisture is lower, and the hypoderm turns into cellulite.  These signs of aging aren’t treated separately. You need to remove causes of aging but not the symptoms!  The reason hides in the peptides.  In each cell, there is a group of peptides keeping its vital functions.  Then it is beginning the decrease of a number of peptides, and then the aging process.  Replenishing peptides with the biomolecular system (BMS), you renew every cell of the body, and you save the body from aging!


Control your cells

Scientists from Japan and Israel developed this system, due to the joint work. It was the eagerness to find out how to use this potential of each cell.  Specialists discovered that an individual could live for about 150-200 years, but for some reasons, nature does not reveal this reserve. In search of the key to the hidden abilities of the human body, in Avivie Laboratories they discovered «short proteins» that affect our cells! The unique structure of the biomolecular complex restores our body naturally. Peptides stimulate the restoration of the lack of proteins that restore not only skin, hear, nails but also all organs. The balanced combination of nutrients designed for the cells to have everything necessary for recovery and synthesis of proteins and it doesn’t matter if it is a simple nutrition or unbalanced diet.

Inner Beauty

Efficacy of the biomolecular system gives you natural beauty instead of fast, dangerous and short-term effects of injections or plastic surgery. It’s not an accident that many celebrities are known by the fact that they have never undergone the surgery. They look beautiful and even younger than the fans of plastic operation! Look at them! You can see that real beauty and a beautiful skin you can take from nature.

Peptides are still some kind of exotic ingredients, but more and more women tell about this magical effect of BMS complex. The unique method to prevent the aging, present a few decades of active and healthy life is available now for everyone. Peptides are still exotic ingredients. However, more and more women speak about this magic effect of BMS complex worldwide.