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The causes of wrinkle formation
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  The causes of wrinkling always occur in a complex with other problems. In addition, they appear gradually and it’s hard to define the true source of the problem. The main reasons are age-related changes in the body, addictions, environment and your diseases reflect on the face.

What is a «large» wrinkle?
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«Large» forehead wrinkle often worries even young women. It can occur at age 18. The problem is that all actions of brow muscles, jaw and scalp reflect on the forehead area.  That’s why this skin area is overload and loses its tone more quickly, hereupon wrinkling begins.

Wrinkles and their prevention
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профилактика морщин на лбу

Preventing of wrinkles is a complex of methods, which were oriented at prevention of the causes of wrinkling, as well as neutralizing of the already evidenced skin changes. It includes diet, medical and cosmetic products, and other methods.

How to get rid of eye wrinkles
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How to get rid of eye wrinkles Eye wrinkles are usually the first signs of aging. The skin on this area of the face is the thinnest and delicate therefore changes of a color of tissue appear more quickly. So what to do with these unpleasant defects, we should think in 25 years