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partnerskaya-programma-avivie-300x192Affiliate program of Avivie is a universal way of earnings by means of the internet You can use your resource as an advertising space or even you, have nothing, except enthusiasm and a wish to engage partners in the affiliate program. We need to define your level and in the case of lack of experience, we would be able to help you learning. However, if you are a highly skilled webmaster, we will provide unique conditions for collaboration and afford you an opportunity to create own promo materials. To quickly understand and move to the most interesting, we suggest learning the foundations of affiliate programs.

Full immersion into the world of affiliate program

Before the beginning, you need to understand the frequently occurring terminology. Therefore, below we present to your attention a mini-glossary.

 Affiliate program is an accepted offer between the brand Avivie (vendor) and a partner for sales purpose of cosmetics. This agreement provides the opportunities for the brand to cut the costs of attracting a final buyer and for the partner to make a profit from the sale of each product, provided by the affiliate program. Thus, the partner gets a share of the profits earned by the company. As part of the affiliate program Avivie, this percentage is 20 in the case of direct sale of products. In addition to direct sales, everyone has the opportunity of attracting referrals.

Affiliate program of Avivie has three-tier, which means that you get a percentage not only from referrals’ sales attracted by you, but will earn a percentage from sales attracted by your referral new partner and, accordingly, its referral. A multi-level program allows you to earn 5.3% and 1% of your referrals. It’s enough to invite over your unique referral link to our website.

 What are referrals and Landings mean?

Referral is a participant of a partner site, who registers itself on the advice of another representative of the affiliate program. When a partner follows your referral (affiliate) link and his PC saves the cookie and after registration and purchase, he becomes your referral.

A cookie is a small piece of data (site, page settings) stored on the user’s computer.

Referral (affiliate) payments. You receive a profit with fixed 20 percents mentioned above due to your referrals’ efforts or by means of promotional materials and direct sales of products.

Promo materials are advertising materials for partners such as banners and landing pages.

A landing page is a mini website designed to make the sale of one product, focusing customer’s attention on it. These sites are designed to increase the conversion, as they allow the most efficient drive user to perform the target action. a goal of this page to convert the visitor into a customer.

Lead is a potential client who responded to the marketing communication, that is, expressed interest in the advertised product.


Conversion in internet marketing is the rate of visitors to the site or clicks on the banner, those who performed any target action such as make a purchase of products or attract referrals.

Hold is arrears in the payment related to the time of verification of the correctness of completed confirmation for the purchase of products. In the case of the sale of goods of company Avivie (delivery is carried out in three directions: Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan) you need the confirmation of courier’s delivery and then on your balance page at the partner’s site, you can see partner charge in the section Finances.

And keep in mind that a small number of clients has time to change their minds during of transportation and receiving of products, so partner charge can be delayed before confirmation of payments. As a pay on delivery is the most common method in Russian Federation, so all participants of the affiliate program need to wait patiently for transfer of money to the company account, and within 24 hours you will see a positive balance in your partner’s page.