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Marketing Secrets: how to sell cosmetics efficiently


sekrety-marketinga-kak-effektivno-prodavat-kosmetiku-300x192Now, when we know about affiliate programs, can start examining the areas of marketing and traffic attraction to our resources. In this article, can find legal ways to attract customers.

First of all, you should understand the basic payment models for attraction. Our affiliate program based on the CPA system.

CPA is (Cost Per Action). In our case, Avivie pays partners a fixed commission for sales, discussed in a previous lesson.

There are different models you need to know to attract traffic by well-known; CPA networks, teaser networks or websites. Each one has a high traffic volume, and the webmasters help you to attract traffic to your Website. The CPA network charges a small commission from each sale as you combine with many webmasters that have their own resources or knowledge of traffic attraction.

  • CPS (Cost Per Sale) — pay per sale
  • CPS (Cost Per Click) — pay per click
  • CPL (Cost Per Lead) — pay per lead

The do’s and don’ts of attracting traffic to Avivie affiliate program

Avivie company categorically denies BLACK SEO is the so-called black promotion (doorway sites), made by methods of hacking and partial or entire absorption of the traffic from other sites.

If we detect that our partners attract traffic by spam or other methods, which could destroy the project’s reputation in the network, we will take the immediate preventive measures for similar situations up to account lockout and removal of sales statistics.

Legal ways of attraction. What purposes of listed above pay-per-click, sale or lead

If you’re an advanced webmaster, so you surely know the resources, where you can start with little efforts to attract traffic.However, if you are a novice, we advise you find some resources, where you can to attract traffic by legal means without big investments in your one pager or banner with your referral code on the main page of our affiliate program.

The most important thing that should interest you is ROI (return on investment). That is, for Internet entrepreneur of any level it is the most important. ROI shows the amount of time spent and capital invested in relation to profits.

The monitoring of measure of ROI improves the efficiency and right allocation of the advertising budget. For these purposes, we added in an affiliate program opportunity to generate a unique reference for each resource (a group in the social networks, contextual advertising, even the link below the video on Youtube channel).

Below, we talk about effective channels for sales and attract traffic.

Contextual advertising — (Google Adwords) text and image advertisements that are displayed depending on the match type of the content of a search query (keyword). They usually placed in systems such as Google etc.

However, it is an inexpensive method to attract traffic

For beginners in the Internet industry, we advise not to invest in this type of advertising without special knowledge or support of a professional to adjust contextual advertising.

Teaser advertising is small images in GIF format or blocks, consisting of one or more images and teaser headline that motivate a user to click on a picture with a purpose to know more about our products. 

The social network is one of the most interesting ways of spreading your links for attracting your TA (target audience) — clients as well as referrals. With a knowledge of (group, page) in the social network, you can easily attract the TA by searching meta tags (keywords marked with #) in like-minded communities.  


You can attract the target audience if you also provide any curious information (image + text) about the products or advantages of the affiliate program. The most commonly used way is a purchase of temporary posts in interest groups to attract customers to a landing page with your referral code.

Thematic blogs, sites — is a long-dated and profitable way of traffic attraction, though if you put your links on sites that are not popular now. Nevertheless, you need to pay attention to the age of websites and prospective potential. You can promote our affiliate program or products by your referral link and just in two years, it can bring a profit by few sales per day. But, when you have several long-dated resources you can make a profit without any efforts. 

Youtube channels — is an excellent way to put a direct link to the product. Purchasing of such traffic, you need to pay attention to the channels with many subscribers and views. There you can order an interesting product overview. To make such type of customer attraction more acceptable for you, agree on a profit sharing from the sales of your unique link with the owner of the channel.

Bulk email is type of advertising can attract many customers, if you have your mailing list of subscribers or you want to buy mailing list, according to subject of beauty industry or women’s sites. However, it is better to email on the pre-landing page with referral link at the bottom to acquaint customer with Avivie products. Also, do not confuse this type of client attraction with spam, which is punishable by blocking the account in the company Avivie.

A banner — is an advertisement, placed on Websites of various or more appropriate themes. A banner typically is presented in the form-animated graphics, containing your referral link to the landing page, which includes product information, where you can get the same 30% of sales. An invitation of partners to an affiliate program gives you an opportunity to earn an additional percent from their profits. 

Instagram. A lot of beginning marketing specialists and webmasters belittle a means of this social network. That is why I want to discuss it separately. A key aspect is a free traffic for your TA, and the most important thing is an implement, serving excellently for products promotion. You can easily take a few quality photos and post them with meta tags. Meta tag is a keyword as like (# cosmetics) whereby other users can find you. You should find clients among your audience by likes with your keywords under their photos and subscribe to their pages if you want to speed up this process.

At the next lesson, you can find out how to analyze every resource and not get to the resources with fake traffic or a wrong audience.