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Face wrinkles


виды морщин на лбу

Types of wrinkles are determined by the depth of occurrence and because of the appearance. Their identification is necessary to select the treatments. After all, folk remedies and cosmetics are applied mainly on location — under the eyes, on the forehead, etc. And with an exact definition of types of skin wrinkles, you can choose the most appropriate treatment.

The more the changes are neglected, so the more you should resort to professional medical and cosmetic products.


Differentiation types wrinkle location directly associated with a layer of skin or subcutaneous tissue affected by the changes. Estheticians differ three such types:

The first one is epidermal or superficial. For the first type, some little changes of the epidermis are enough to be visible and they mostly occur on due to delicate skin layer under eyes.

  • The causes of wrinkles are usually dehydrated cells or violation of their supply, which leads to thickening of the horny layer of the skin surface. This is obviously seen on the forehead and other parts of the face, which are often exposed to the sun’s rays. Luckily because of its small size of the net of small foveation in the skin, it’s practically invisible in the photo and from afar.
  • Dermal wrinkles are related to the middle layer of the skin — the dermis. They are obviously visible on any skin type and the reason for their foveation of epidermal wrinkles or damage to the collagen fibers in the cell structure.
  • Deep wrinkles reach in the development of subcutaneous tissue. Different types of wrinkles occurrence on the face caused by the fact that the subcutaneous tissue has a different thickness on different parts of our body. The most favorable areas on the face for their appearance — the forehead and nasolabial furrows.
  • All types of facial wrinkles can occur immediately or in turn. It depends on individual features of your face or heredity. Supplying of cells and has a great influence – your diet.    
  • But you can treat not all types of wrinkles.

Reason of occurrence

According to a second classification system, we can define the statistic and dynamic types of wrinkles occurrence. According to a second classification system allocate static and dynamic types of wrinkles. The first is most active after you reach 40 years old. The muscle and cells tone begin to weaken, a gravity also has a strongly affect on every gram of your weight and pulls him to the ground. It causes a baggy lower eyelids and net of eye wrinkles and around them, and expression wrinkles occur on forehead more often – and how to view own photos with a normal reaction. In this case, you need to pay attention to categories of healthy cosmetics that will give effect to cell regeneration. Notably, such cosmetics that can normalize nutrients metabolism at the cellular level.  Physical activity as running, fitness or just simple exercises are favorable for keeping of your beauty.  


Dynamic or expression wrinkles on the skin may appear much earlier even in 20-25 years. Everyone has individual facial expressions, regardless of whether we know about them or not. And the constant and active use of the same «grimaces» leads to the fact that the skin remembers where the wrinkles should be. Types of facial wrinkles on the face are different — from the habit of winking occur eye wrinkles. And the skin around the second eye remains smooth, which is not involved in the process. The habit of knit brow causes epidermal and dermal types of wrinkles. And so on.

There is only one way – to care not only for your health and diet but also your emotions. Even thousands of photos you make in younger age can’t smooth wrinkles, which occurred due to sleepless and «faces» in the objective of a camera.

Sometimes aforesaid types of wrinkles combine with the same skin changes caused by facial expression, gravity or age-related process. Their representatives are different types of aging changes around the eyes and lips. These two areas of the face are the most active for expression of emotions. 


In addition to keeping the vital tone and avoiding of harmful habits, you should ensure an adequate blood supply for problem skin areas that help you get rid of wrinkle. You can do even amateur massage by yourself for it. During 2-3 minutes of gently tapping with fingertips on the forehead, cheeks, chin and neck. Don’t touch nose, lips, and eyes because there are many natural wrinkles and cavities, you just make them dirtier.

You also need to supply actively and cure all types of cells, starting from hypodermis ending on the highest layer of the epidermis. Our company researched the most problematic area of the face with a different kind of wrinkles under the eyes and assesses the efficacy of hundreds of active substances. Each substance was tested in the form of creams and masks. Results of the study you can see in the public domain.

Optimal results were shown by preparations that consist of a complex of synthetic vitamins, natural extract of plants and complex of Dead Sea salt.  

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